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Fireball Facts

We know that you are excited to learn more about our Fireball products; we don't blame you. This is the perfect fire protection product for any room in your home, your vehicles, or your workspace. Vindicator Consulting wants you to protect your family and property effectively and automatically—something traditional fire extinguishers can't do. Just take a look at some of the Fireball facts we've collected to better understand why installing an AFG Auto Fireball can help you protect you and your family from becoming a tragic statistic.

RV On Fire Plane On Fire Boat On Fire Dumpster On Fire

Facts About Fire Danger *

  • Fire Departments throughout the United States
    Respond to a Fire Every 24 Seconds
  • House Fires Occur Every 87 Seconds
  • There Were 2,720 Fire Deaths in Homes in 2018
  • Fires Occur in Highway Vehicles Every 2 Minutes & 54 Seconds
  • On Average, There are 20,000 RV Fires in the United States Each Year
  • There Are 2,900 Clothes Dryer Lint Fires in the United States Annually
  • There Are 160 Christmas Tree Fires in the United States Each Year
  • There Are More Than 1,500 Recreational Watercraft Fires Each Year

* The National Fire Protection Association

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